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Advanced Options for Download

When downloading an image file, users can either download the file as is or edit the image with advanced options.

After clicking on the download icon, the advanced options will generate along with the preview of the image. The advanced options for image downloads are:

  • Original: Downloading in JPEG - 72 DPI or JPEG - 300 DPI (note that if the original quality of an image is below those settings, they won’t be available to choose)

Note: You will be able to download in TIFF format but only in RGB format. 

  • Custom: Crop: In this option, you will be able to trim your image to your choosing. Located below the image is a bar detailing height and width, and desired dimensions on the cropped image. 
    • In Freeform mode, you can zoom in as close as you'd like.  You may perform this manually or by scrolling with your mouse.
    • In the ratio modes, you may adjust the shot and dimension of your image. By changing the aspect ratios of your image, you can render your image in a more portrait or landscape style.
    • When you download your image, you can choose between formats ( JPEG or PNG) and dots per inch (72 DPI or 300 DPI)

  • Custom: Resize: In this option, the image will be outfitted in its optimal size.

  • Custom: Compress: With this option, a user would be able to compress the size of the photo to help save space. Please note that compression may affect the color and overall quality of the asset.

How to crop images in Flight

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