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Approval Options

Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's or contributor's account in order to make these adjustments. As a contributor you need the privileges to Approve Content in order to change the status of assets.

Administrators and Contributors are able to edit a file with different approval statuses. These options are available to help teams strategize a workflow process concerning developing and finalizing content, as well as publishing content on portals.

The approval options appear in the Status section on the Preview Page/Information Page.
Head over to this article if the Status section is not displayed.

The approval options are:


  • The file can be shared and downloaded by consumers. 
  • The file is displayed in portals.


  • No approval status has been set yet. 
  • The file does not appear in the consumer library.
  • Cannot be shared or downloaded by consumers. 
  • File is not displayed in portals.


  • The file is not displayed in the library of consumers.
  • Cannot be shared or downloaded by consumers.
  • File is not displayed in portals.


Pending and Restricted impose the same restrictions on access to a file. The difference is that one state (Pending) is still pending and the other (Restricted) has been decided.


  • File cannot be shared or downloaded by consumers.
  • File is not (no longer) displayed in portals. 
  • This status is displayed only if you have set an expiration date for an Approved asset and that date has passed.

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