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Preview Page

The Preview Page is displayed when an asset is clicked on.

A preview gives a quick glance at the original asset by providing a lower resolution version of it.

A low-res preview has the great advantage of offering a very quick view of your assets while also saving bandwidth when working with Canto.
If you enter the full screen view mode you will receive a higher resolution preview of your image.

Note: The quality of the preview is fixed and cannot be adjusted in Canto.

On the right side, information (metadata) such as name, description, status, keywords, etc. is displayed, each in its own section. To make the display clearer, these sections can be individually expanded or collapsed. Which metadata is displayed can be configured by the administrator (see below).

In the top-left corner on the preview screen, you have access to certain actions such as Collections, Follow, Share and Download.

How to customize your Preview Page

  1. The panel on the right can be customized under Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration > Preview Page.
  2. To add a field, choose the + icon next to the field in the Fields section.
  3. To remove a field, choose the X icon next to the field in the layout section.
  4. To change the order of the fields in the preview screen, drag the field up or down to the correct location in the Layout section.
  5. After the changes have been made, select the Save button in the top right of the window to save any changes.

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