Canto now supports the creation and management of Style Guides. Create public or private style guides to showcase your brand’s Colors, Typography, Imagery, and Copy. 

To create a style guide, go to Settings > Style Guides > New Style Guide.

The Info tab will allow you to customize features such as the name, access, download options and layout settings for your style guide. 

The Content tab will allow you to upload content such as colors and logos to add to your style guide.

The Style Setup tab is where you can add content to your style guide.  The sections automatically provided can be changed using the edit button.  New sections can be created using the Add button at the bottom of the page.

Note: The label "Item" will be replaced with the Folder/Album "Description" and not the "Title."

The Custom Branding tab allows you to add a custom background, logo, and colors to your style guide page.

The User Access and Group Access tabs allow you to choose which users and groups have access to your Canto style guide.  Select the Add button in the top right corner of the page.  Select the arrow next to the User(s) or Group(s) you want to give access to, and then select OK.

When you are finished creating your style guide, select the Finish button and your style guide will be created.