Customer accounts are able to generate API keys from within the application. (Trial accounts - Please contact your account representative directly. They will be able to provide you with keys.)

To generate API Keys in Canto, navigate to Settings > Configuration Options > API Keys.

Select Create API Key.

Enter a name and description(optional).  Website, Logo URL, and Redirect URL do not need to be modified.

You can click Finish.

Notice now you will see the generated AppID and App Secret:

These keys can be used to obtain access and refresh tokens using the OAuth calls:

You can also generate an access token without needing to run through OAuth:

To generate an Access Token, select Support Client Credentials Mode, and then select Generate. This will generate an access token valid for one month.  To copy this key, select the copy icon in the top right corner of this section.  To delete this key, select Revoke.

After Saving your information, the App ID and App Secret will be available.  To copy these, select the edit button next to the key, and copy buttons will become available.