Admins can upload a watermark to use with the DRM option.

The DRM options can be found by navigating to the Settings and selecting Configuration Options, followed by Digital Rights Management.

Give the new watermark a name and description, then click Upload to choose a watermark image. Suggested size is 252 x 27 pixels.

Click Add to add the watermark. You can have multiple watermarks at once.

Click the pencil icon to edit an existing watermark. You can choose the position of the watermark on the side by clicking one of the 9 positions.

You can also scale the size of the watermark from 1 to 100%. The preview on the left will display on watermark will appear.

Click Save when finished.

To delete the watermark, click the trash can icon in the thumbnail.

Note: Watermarks are only visible to Consumers and anonymous visitors of a public portal. Furthermore, a watermark only shows on the preview screen of an image and when downloading it.

How to watermark images in Flight by Canto