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Sorting Options

Canto has multiple sorting options for how your assets can be displayed.

Assets can be sorted by:

  • Date
  • Name
  • Type of File

How to change Canto's sorting method

  1. Click on Sort by to display the list of sorting options.
  2. In order to reverse or change the sorting option click on the small arrow (shown in the red box in the image below). The Sort by Name option will switch the alphabetical sorting to Z to A, and Sort by Date will switch from newest to oldest to oldest to newest. The Sort by Type will sort your files in the order of following types: Images, Videos, Audio, Documents, Presentations, Other (or the order will be reversed if you click on the small arrow).

Numbering recommendation

In Canto, numbers are ordered from A-Z then 0-9. 

Our recommendation would be to use (001) instead of (1) for your numbering scheme. The three digits will help with the order up until 999.

Sort By Date options

You can choose the type of date that your assets will be sorted by (Date Modified, Date Uploaded, Date Created). 

  1. To do this you will need to go into Settings > ConfigurationOptions > Defaults > Display > Sort & Display Assets By Date Field. 
  2. Once you have made your selection, be sure to click Save.

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