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Use the Canto Office Connector

Restrictions: The Canto Office Connector supports Microsoft Word and PowerPoint in the following systems.
                        - Office for iPad
                        - Office 2016 for Mac
                        - Office 2016 for Windows
                        - Office 365 (Online)

Note: The Canto Office Connector is an add-on feature. Please contact your Account Manager for more details. 

How to sign in to Canto from within Office

  1. The Canto Office Connector can be accessed in the ribbon of your Office app.
    Click on Open Canto.
  2. The window will be displayed on the right side in word.
    Click on > Login.
  3. Select your domain from the drop-down menu and click on Continue.
  4. Enter your Canto account credentials and click on Sign In.
    Note: This feature supports SSO (single sign-on).
  5. Select your desired environment and click on Allow.

How to use the Canto Connect feature within Office

Once you are logged in, you will be greeted with your library on the right side of your Office environment.

What exactly you see - the main library, a portal, or a workspace - depends on the selection you made earlier (see point No. 5 above).

Open/close folder and album structure; global search function; logout

  1. Open and close library tree. (Close library tree to view all assets.)
  2. Global search for assets within your library.
  3. Logout from your account.

How to change the default resolution

In the second menu tab - Settings - you can set the default resolution.

  1. Choose between High Resolution of up to 2000 pixels  or the Low Resolution of up to 800 pixels.
  2. Confirm your selection with Save.

How to open additional options

You can access additional options in the upper right corner of your Canto window.

How to insert an asset into a Word document or PowerPoint presentation

  1. Move the mouse pointer over the desired asset until a + icon appears.
  2. Click on the + symbol. The asset will be inserted into the Word document or PowerPoint presentation at the latest cursor position.
  3. Next to the + icon, you will find the option Insertlink to original file. This allows you to insert the asset as a link which points to the original file.In order to add multiple files to the same link click on the Check mark icon.
    Select the assets you want to add and click on the Link icon next to the search bar.

Note: You can only insert image files like JPG, PNG, TIFF, AI, PSD, INDD with the Office Connector. 

Note: You are also able to expand and shrink the side panel to view more assets at a time by hovering over the border and dragging it in or out to adjust its size.


Office Connector in Word

Office Connector in Powerpoint

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