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Set Expiration Dates

Restriction: You need to be signed in using an administrator's or contributor's account in order to set an expiration date.

This is a good method to use with files that should be limited to public portals, either due to copyrights or digital rights management (DRM).

How to set Expiration Dates to Assets

  1. To set an expiration date, the file must first be marked as Approved in the Status section on the Information Page.
  2. Clicking the Expiration Date field will open a calendar. You can select an expiration date for the file on the calendar itself, or they can type the date into the field. You will receive an email three days before the Expiration Date.
  3. You can also set an Embargo Time to specify the time in which assets will expire. This will be based on the time zone set for your Canto account.

Once the expiration date and time passes, the file’s status will change to Expired and it will no longer be able to be seen or accessed on public portals.

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