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Smart Cropping with the MDC

Stop creating (and storing) different versions of the same image. With Media Delivery Cloud, you can display a single asset in unlimited sizes and aspect ratios. Plus, built-in smart cropping ensures your images look their best in every layout.

Crop-template can be setup for your frequently needed crops. They use the region-of-interest that you can freely define to calculate the crop section.

Note: At least one crop-template must be defined in order to use the smart-cropping feature.


The Smart Cropping Editor allows you to set the region-of-interest (ROI) for a single asset. The different crops will be generated based on your selected ROI. 

Note: If no region-of-interest is set, the whole image is used as ROI.

How to set the Region-of-Interest

  1. Open up on asset within your Canto library.
  2. Navigate to the asset's information page.
  3. Under Media Delivery Cloud click on the MDC Crop Editor link.
  4. The Smart Cropping Editor will open up in a new window.
  5. Click on the image and drag the blue selection box over the desired area of the image. The blue box shows the current ROI. Change the area if necessary by clicking on the frame and moving it while holding down the left mouse button, or by selecting one of the dots to resize the frame.

How to delete an existing Region-of-Interest

  1. Click within the Smart Cropping Editor on the three dots.
  2. Select Delete.

Crop Templates

Crop templates are created during the implementation process and can be changed afterwards by submitting a support ticket.

A crop-template can define the size of a crop and its orientation meaning you can decide where the ROI should be located within the crop section.

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