Tags are the low-level labeling convention. Any Canto administrator or contributor can create tags and add them to files. Think of tags as a way of “supporting” keywords – they add focus to the asset that the very broad keywords cannot, so it’s useful to pair them together. Tags offer precision and character to supplement the wider scope that keywords usually encompass.

Canto also boasts a function called Smart Tags. Powered by AWS Rekognition, relevant tags are automatically populated based on details detected in an image. The Smart Tag ‘Confidence Score,’ or the probability that a predicted detection is correct, can be toggled in Canto’s settings.

You can freely type in your desired tag and a corresponding tag will generate, but if you would like for the suggestions to withdraw (autofill), you can simply hit the ‘Esc’ key.

For adding a large number of keywords or tags to files, Canto has the option to bulk add metadata as well.