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Migrate files from Google Drive

You can synchronize your Google Drive account with Canto and migrate files from My Drive and Shared with me folders to Canto.

Restriction: You need to be logged in using an administrators' account or as an editor with the Manage External     Connections privilege to use this feature.


User Menu > Settings > Link & Connections > External Connections

How to synchronize your Google Drive Account

  1. Click the GoogleDive icon.
  2. Click Connect.
    The Google Drive login page will open in a pop-up window (or in a new tab).
    Note: If the login page does not open, you will need to adjust your browser setting for pop-ups!
  3. Sign in to your Google account.
  4. Grant access for Canto by clicking Allow.
  5. Close the pop-up window. In the Authorized Operations message, click Continue.
  6. The folder structure of your Google Drive is retrieved and displayed. Select the folder whose content you want to synchronize with Canto.

Canto creates a new folder with the same name at the top level of the folder structure and imports all the files and subfolders it contains.

The files will then be viewable in Canto in the Google Drive Files folder and labeled with the Google Drive icon.

Note: When you first sync your status may depict the following:

Once the sync is complete the following options will appear where you can unlink the folder and manually sync the folder. Also, you will be able to toggle the Auto-Sync feature. Auto-sync takes place on a 24-hour basis.

When you delete assets from a synched folder on your local drive, they will not be deleted from your Canto library.
When you create a new folder that is within an already synched folder it will get synched too.
When you delete an asset from a synched folder within Canto it will not get reimported by auto-synch.

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