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User Profile

From here, the user can edit their personal details, including:

  • FirstName, LastName, DisplayName
  • Change your password
  • Role
    Sign in as ... Admin, Contributor or Customer (this function can be used by admins) 
  • Profil picture

Click Save to confirm your changes.


In the Preferences section, you can ... 

  • Connect to your Slack account
    For further information see Linking with Slack.
  • Change your Language preference
  • Adjust your Date Format preference
  • Activate the Admin Dashboard
    When the Admin Dashboard is set to On, admin users are forwarded to the dashboard after logging in instead of the main library.
  • Choose to turn off/on the Display Recent Search Terms in the Search Bar 
  • Disconnect from YouTube


In the Notifications section, you can customize when, what, and how frequently you would like to receive notifications.