There are a few ways to export your metadata on Canto. Metadata Export will export Canto metadata to a CSV file, e. g. File Name, File Type, Description, Keywords, Tags, etc. for all your asset in your Canto library. Below, we will list the different methods on how to do this.

Export Metadata for All Assets

This will export all the metadata from your Canto library. 

1) To access this tool, go to Settings > Links & Connections > Metadata Export:

2) Type in a name for your CSV file and click on the Export As CSV button.

3) You will receive an email with a link to download the CSV file:

Export Metadata for Folder/Album

This will allow you to only download metadata from specific Folders or Albums.

1) Select the desired album/folder in the Folder Tree and select the "View Detail Information" button

2) Select the Metadata Export button and you should be all set!