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Fallback Image for MDC

A Fallback Image should be defined when setting up your Media Delivery Cloud (MDC).
The chosen fallback image will be displayed if the Content ID for a Canto asset within the MDC link is not valid. This might have various reasons:

  • there is a typo
  • the original image in Canto has been deleted
  • the original asset in Canto is set to restricted (note: may apply - optional configuration)

Note: The Fallback Image is delivered with the same operations applied as the requested rendition.

How to set up a Fallback Image

  1. Choose a Fallback Image from your Canto library.
  2. You can find an asset's Content ID on its information page under Direct URLs.
  3. Copy its Content ID.
  4. Submit a support ticket and provide us with the Content ID. We will take care of the rest.

When attempting to open a MDC link with an invalid Canto Content ID, you will be presented with your fallback image instead.

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