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Apply Filters

Filters will help add specificity to your search results.

How to apply filters to your search

  1. Click the filter icon in the upper-right corner.
  2. The filter menu is displayed on the right side. The available filters are arranged in different groups that can be expanded and collapsed with the triangle icon.
  3. Click on a filter to apply it. You can combine as many filters as you like. For each filter group you can define via the 
    ...–menu whether the selected filters are linked with AND or with OR.
  4. With another click you switch off a filter again. Click on Clear for a group to switch off all set filters of this group at once. To switch off all set filters in general, click Clear All.

Filter Options

Apply a filter. You can apply as many filters as you'd like. The options are:
  • Keywords - Filter by selected keywords
  • Tags - Filter by selected tags
  • Status - Filter by approval status
  • Storage - Filter by assets contained in Regular ('Hot') Storage or Cold Storage
  • ContentType - Filter by Smart Album, pixel dimensions, resolution, layout orientation, media duration, and page length
  • Images - Filter by width x height, orientation, watermark
  • Videos - Filter by the length of the video
  • People - Filter by users who uploaded the files
  • FileSize - Filter by file size
  • DateUploaded - Filter by the date the file was uploaded
  • DateCreated - Filter by the date the file was created
  • DateModified - Filter by the date the file was modified

For ways on how to customize your Filer Panel, see the following guides:



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