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Canto Connect Windows

Canto Connect is an application for Windows that allows users to access Canto directly from their desktop.

With Canto Connect, you can:

  • import extensive folder structures (Canto preserves the imported structure so you don't have to recreate it)
  • import files with embedded additional metadata (copyright information, geo-location data, keywords and more)
  • automatically synchronize local folders from your computer to your Canto library or a workspace 
  • synchronize files from My Collections with your computer for offline access

How to install Canto Connect for Windows

How to install Canto Connect on your Windows computer:

  1. Download Canto Connect (latest version: 2.6.10 from 10. August 2022) from this page:
    (Supports Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11)
  2. Unzip the .zip-file and start setup.exe

Note: Java (Version 1.8.0_311) will also be installed as it is the minimum version required to run Canto Connect on your windows machine.

How to use Canto Connect

  1. Once installed, open the Canto Connect app.
  2. Login using your Canto URL and click Next.
    Note: SSO login is supported (since version
  3. Enter your Email Address and your Password. 
    Click Login.
  4. Canto Connect's home screen will be displayed.
    Note: The displayed options vary depending on your user role.

  5. Click either 
  • Advanced Uploader to upload folders and files to your Canto library, or
  • Auto Sync to set up automatic synchronization of local folders with Canto, or
  • My Collections to get an overview of synchronized files and open the Canto Sync folder.

After closing Canto Connect you will find it in your toolbar, from where you can re-open it by double clicking the icon or close it by right clicking it. 

How to use Duplicate Check in Canto Connect

As an administrator, you can choose to have Canto Connect check whether the new assets are duplicates of assets already in your library when they are uploaded. This does not affect the settings in your main Canto library.

To set up duplicate checking in Canto Connect:

  1. Open the Canto Connect app and click the Settings icon ().
  2. Select the Settings tab and turn on Duplicate Check.
  3. When the duplicate check is turned on, the setting options are displayed.
  4. Select the settings that meet your requirements.

    For more information about each option, see the article Options for Duplicates.

How to use the Advanced Uploader

The Advanced Uploader feature allows you to upload files or folders, including subfolders, to your Canto library.

  1. Click the Upload to button and select the folder within your library you would like to upload to.
  2. Click Add another folder and select the folder from your computer which contains the assets you would like to upload.
  3. Once the folder has been added, you can click Upload at the bottom left to begin uploading the assets to Canto.
  4. If you have the metadata pop-up option enabled for Advanced Uploader/Canto Connect (Settings > ConfigurationOptions > UploadSettings), you will be presented with a screen where you can apply metadata before uploading.
  5. Once you hit Apply, the upload begins.

You can upload content to an Upload Link via the Canto Connect app. 

NoteFolder structure is not maintained when uploading a folder of contents when using an Upload Link via the Canto Connect app.

Instead of inserting the URL for the main library, all you need to do is enter the upload link.

  1. Open the Canto Connect app.
  2. Insert the Upload Link into the Your Canto Instance Url field.
  3. Click on Next.
  4. Leave the Email and Password fields empty.
  5. Click on Login.

How to use Canto Connect for Workspaces

You can also use the Canto Connect app for workspaces to conveniently upload files or entire folders.

  1. Open the Canto Connect app.
  2. Enter the URL of the workspace in the For Your Canto Instance Url field. 
  3. Click Next.
  4. Enter your Email address and Password. Click Login.

The main Canto Connect screen is displayed. Continue as described above.

Canto Connect - Auto Sync

You can automatically synchronize locally stored content with your Canto library.

To set up automatic synchronization:

  1. Open the Canto Connect app and log in to Canto.
  2. Click Auto Sync.
  3. Once you are in the Folder List window, select the Add Folder button. 
  4. Choose a folder in your local drive that you would like to sync with your Canto library. 
  5. After you have selected the folder, select the synch destination (library or a workspace).
  6. You may toggle off auto-sync and sync manually. Select how frequently you would like your content to sync. When you are done, select Save.

You can then see your assets in your desired location (library or workspace) by taking a look at your Folder Tree. Files can then be easily identified by the Canto Connect icon on the thumbnail. You can then import content to the desired folders and albums. 

Note: The files synced from a user's local drive cannot be accessed by other users. Only admins or that user who has a connected folder can invite users access to the connected folder that contains the synced files.

Canto Connect - My Collections 

You can synchronize your collections (or individual albums from your collections) with your computer to have the corresponding files available offline.

Here's how to set up synchronization:

  1. Open the Canto Connect app and log in to Canto.
  2. Click the Settings icon  ().
  3. Head over to the Settings tab.
  4. Next to Canto Sync Folder, select Change and choose the storage destination on your local drive .
  5. Head to the Status tab.
  6. Ensure My Collections is On, showing orange on the bottom right of the screen.
  7. Open your web browser and log in to your Canto account.
    By default, the sync for My Collections is deactivated.
  8. Click on the desired collection and activate the sync to your Windows Device.
    When the synchronization is enabled, the icon is displayed in green ().

Note: Synchronization is done only in one direction, from Canto to your local folder. Changes to files in the local folder are not synchronized to Canto!

Note: It may take up to 24 hours to sync files from My Collections to your computer

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