Custom Fields

Custom Fields are a great way to add additional metadata to your assets and to organize your Canto library even more efficient!


  • You need to be an admin to create, edit or delete custom fields.
  • There is no limit to how many custom fields you can create.

Contributors can select values for custom fields, search for them or use custom field filters.

Consumers can only read custom field values but not change them.

To create custom fields as an admin, navigate to Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Fields.

When working with multiple-choice custom fields, you can determine the layout of your values (1).

If you are having a lot of values, three columns might be better suited to present them than just one, for instance. 

When creating a new custom field, simply enter its name, a description, and the type (2).

We currently offer the following Field Types:

  • Text: Free-form field for text
  • Number: Field for numbers
  • Date: Date options with a calendar picker
  • Single Choice: Display a single option (value) from a list of values
  • Multiple Choice: Display multiple options (values) from a list of values
  • URL: Enter a valid website address
  • Label: Choose a color
  • Rating: Select a rating based on 1 through 5 stars

Click on Add (3) to create your new custom field.


When using many custom fields or when it makes sense to group some of them, you can create sections.

You might, for instance, have one section with custom fields relevant to your sales team and one section with marketing-related custom fields.

For better user experience, you may want to collapse some of your sections by default. This can be achieved by activating or deactivating the Expand Section checkbox:

On the Information Page of an asset, collapsed sections may be expanded at any time by simply clicking on the arrow:

Display Order Displaying Custom Fields

When having several sections with various custom fields, you can drag and drop them as necessary:

Displaying Custom Fields

To display your new custom fields or new custom sections, you will need to go to Settings > Configuration Options > Custom Configuration. 

Note: If you did not assign a custom field to a section, it will appear under Custom Fields. If you created sections, those sections will be its own, independent of the Custom Field you can choose from.

For more information on Custom Confiaguations see the following link here.

You can have Custom Fields and your new sections are added into the detail for your assets.

And on the preview page here.


This short video showcases the use of custom fields in Canto: