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User Menu > Settings > Configuration Options > Defaults 

To preview an image while hovering over it, there are two display options: 

  • Image Preview
  • Metadata Preview

You may catch a larger glimpse of content in list, thumbnail, and masonry grid. 

How to set up your Tooltip Preferences

  1. To select where to apply the preview, scroll to Tooltip Preview Display in & Tooltip StylePreview/Information.
    Then, check the boxes of the locations where you want to see the preview and your preview options.
  2. To preview the Image, select "Images" in the Tooltip Style - Preview section.
    Then, simply hover your mouse over the file and an expanded preview will emerge on the side.
  3. To preview the Information for certain types of assets check the corresponding boxes under Tooltip Style - Information. The options of Metadata to display include Basic Metadata, File Metadata, and Custom Fields. To select which to display, check the box next to each option.
    Hover your mouse over the file and the Metadata will appear.

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