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Use the Adobe Integration with Lightroom Classic

How to set up the Canto integration in Adobe Lightroom Classic


  1. Download the Canto Lightroom Classic plugin HERE and extract the zip file. 
  2. In Lightroom Classic, make sure you are in the library view (shortcut: press G on your keyboard).
    Note: This top bar might be hidden in which case you can bring it back by clicking the arrow in the top bar or hover your mouse over it.
  3. In the library view navigate to the Publish Services section which is by default located on the left at the bottom of the list.
    Tip: If you have a big library it might be easiest to collapse  your Catalog, Folders and Collections.
  4. Click on the Plus icon and select Go to Publishing Manager.
  5. Afterwards, click on Plug-in Manager.
  6. Click on Add in the new window...
    ... and select the extracted Lightroom Classic plugin which should appear in the list afterwards.


  1. Enter your Canto login credentials in the Publishing Manager (see above).

    Enter your tenant ID here. For instance, when your account is, you can simply enter hello.

    Canto Domains:
    • Canto – US when your account uses a URL
    • Canto – Global when your account uses a URL
    • Canto – Germany when your account uses a URL
    • Canto – Canada when your account uses a URL
  2. Click on Login to Canto and log in using your web browser:

How to use the Canto Lightroom Classic Integration

The Canto plugin will list the folders and albums from your Canto account.
Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

This icon represents a Canto folder.

This icon represents a Canto album.

How to send images to Canto

You can move over images from your Lightroom Classic library to a Canto album.

Note: Files from your Cold Storage cannot be added.

While in the Canto album, click Publish. These new images will be sent to Canto as a new file in the selected Canto album.

Note: When the same image is assigned to two Canto albums in Lightroom Classic, each image in each album will be added as a new file in the Canto library.

Once the images are sent to Canto, they will show under the Published Photos section of the album.

How to send updated images to Canto

When there are any updates made to images that have been sent to Canto earlier, those images are now in the Lightroom Classic section Modified Photos to Re-Publish.

You can click Publish again to upload those images as a new version of the existing file within your Canto account.

To navigate to a published file in Canto, right-click on the file in the Canto album in Lightroom Classic and select Go to Published Photo.

To go directly to the Canto album from Lightroom Classic, right-click the album and select Go to Published Collection.

Please note that folders and albums do not update automatically with the Canto plugin. 

To retrieve the latest folder and album structure from your Canto account, please select File > Plug-in Extras > Sync Folders Albums from Canto.

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