To get to the Settings page, open the User Menu (click the avatar icon in the upper-right corner of the interface).

On the list menu, choose Settings.


The interface is a horizontal bar with an accompanying vertical bar that intersects according to your selection. It looks like this:

Each icon represents a different settings function. To learn what each icon does, click the link to the specific help article:


A. Users & Groups – These options allow Administrators to manage their users and groups, as well as the privileges for Contributors and Guest users.






- Password Policy

B. Portals – These options are for setting up new portals and managing existing ones. 


C. Workspaces - A collaboration space for content in mid-development. Workspace is very similar to portals, only they’re not designed for public collaboration. 

D. Links & Connections - Track links that you create and manage integrations with third party applications.

Upload Links

Email Collection Links

- External Connections

- Metadata Import

E. Configuration Options – These options are for configuring their workflow and the information that’s displayed for each file.




Custom Fields


Duplicate Check

- Approval

Digital Rights Management

Download Presets

- Upload Settings

- Configure Information Page

- Smart Tags