The Default Options is by navigating to the Settings and selecting the Configuration Options tab, followed by the Default sub-tab.

Library Display

  • Click the checkmark icon to automatically display the folder and album structure after login
  • Choose how folders and albums are sorted
  • Choose a default Smart Album, folder or album to display after login

Default Smart Album or Folder Display

You may customize where Canto opens your files in Smart Album View.

Default Content Layout

  • Choose how content is displayed after login*
  • Choose how content is sorted when displayed
  • Choose how to sort your content, either by date or in alphabetical order.

*” Canto Default” will display Image and Video Smart Albums in thumbnail view, and all others in list view


Sorting Assets by Date Field

If assets are sorted by date, choose if they’re sorted by when they were last modified (Date Modified) or when they were uploaded (Date Uploaded).

Add Annotations on Preview Image

You may choose to allow annotation on the preview image. 

Image Tooltip Preview

You may adjust the view in which previews are generated when you hover your mouse over a file.

Display Content as Pages

You may disable the infinite scroll feature by enabling Display Content as Pages. This would allow your assets to be previewing in pages instead which may enhance load times. You can control how many assets are displayed per page.

Time Zone

The internal clock can be changed to any major time zone.*

*Time zone changes take effect the next time the admin logs in.

Select Max Files

You may define the maximum number of files that can be selected at once. The range is between 1000 files up to 10,000 files.

Email Collections and Collection Links

You may specify what details are allowed when you distribute email collections and collection links.

Save Metadata before Download

If you encounter speed issues when downloading files, you may choose to disable including metadata in the download. When you disable metadata, download of the file happens immediately, as opposed to writing the metadata first.

Note that any metadata that you have added to the asset while it was in Canto (tags, keywords, descriptions, copyright information) will not be embedded alongside the asset during the download.

Prevent Files from Being Downloaded

By enabling this feature you can control the file types that are permitted to be downloaded by Contributors and Consumers.